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User interface design
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Couple technologies that N7 mostly specializes in:

Custom user interfaces everything is possible

Innovative approach to UI design based on a highly customizable OpenGL graphics engine. Our technology provides possibilities of building graphical interfaces that are not limited by typical mobile OS capabilities. Whatever you imagine, we can build it!

Advanced audio playback technologies

Company has rich experience in creating audio applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Our solutions provide possibilities of building custom audio playback engines with various sound effects that can make a huge difference for your customers.

Video playback and streaming

Company provides custom video playback and streaming solutions that can be integrated into mobile applications working with different content provider configurations. Our solutions provide possibilities of playing any video format transported over standard or custom streaming protocols.

Social media integration and marketing

Company has a vast experience in an integration of social services with client mobile applications. Our knowledge can make big difference in a new users acquisition via social channels.

Mobile payments and digital media stores

We have a long lasting experience in building digital media stores and integrating mobile payment solutions. Additionally, we have experience in interfacing with mobile carrier billing systems, that can be used to minimize user payment requirements.

Indoor microlocation using iBeacons

We have experience in building systems requring location and indoor microlocation services. Thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy small transmitters (iBeacons) we can create applications providing precise (to single meters) location, navigation and context awareness.
We are celebrating 10 million downloads of n7player. It has been an exciting three years since n7player has been published. Thank you all for your continuous support and please expect more amazing updates coming! Get it on Google Play!
Feb. 12, 2015
We have just launched the new n7player website, which describes all major n7player features shortly in one page.
Oct. 28, 2014
As a result of our cooperation with Intel on n7player code optimization N7 Mobile has managed to become the Intel Software Partner. We will continue our effort to make the most beautiful and efficient mobile applications.
July 15, 2014
We are presenting Public API of Toaster Cast, which gives your app ability to use UPNP/DLNA/Chromecast networking protocol and cast media files via Toaster - fully featured UPnP Media Player.
April 8, 2014
We create applications for the top 3 mobile platforms
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