Space System Software

-- Ground support and flight software --


N7 Mobile provides services associated with software design and implementation for embedded systems. Company is registered in ESA EMITS tender system and participates in current space related activities carried out in Poland. Engineering experience of company members comes from projects like: Solar Orbiter, Brite-PL, ESEO satellite, Polish CubeSat mission.

Our area of expertise:

  • Design and development of real-time software for various embedded platforms (e.g. ARM, AVR, Sparc Leon processors)
  • Simulation software
  • Software verification and reliability evaluation with additional possibilities of embedded fault injection
  • Ground support equipment software

Proba 3

------ precision formation flying mission ------

©ESA–P. Carril

Proba 3

N7 Mobile is responsible for the flight software development for the image data acquisition and control of the ASPIICS instrument on-board the PROBA3 mission.

Following software components are being developed during the project:

  • Boot software
  • Hardware drivers
  • Application software for RTEMS operating system
  • ASN.1/ACN data models for PUS standard
  • Dedicated test scripting environment for validation purposes

Embedded Software


Embedded Software

N7 Mobile specializes in:

  • Critical software development for space flight systems based on Leon processors.
  • Real time applications development for RTEMS adopted to ESA missions.
  • Protocol data modeling with ASN.1/ACN.
  • Development of the dedicated script test engines for end product validation.
  • IoT and Bluetooth Beacon solutions.
  • Backend server software development.
  • Software validation testing.
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